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The NLCC is for all members of the campus community - including faculty, administration, and staff - involved in empirical research, instruction, evaluation, and support of learning communities. Sessions are designed to invite discussion and exchange of ideas.



JLCR teams with NLCC

The Journal of Learning Communities Research (JLCR) now publishes a special issue each April based on the theme of the preceding November's National Learning Communities Conference (NLCC). Authors of research and best practice presented at the NLCC will be encouraged to submit their work for review by a guest editor of the special issue. If the work is not selected for the special issue, the article will be forwarded to the co-editors of JLCR for entry into the blind review process.

For more information about the National Learning Communities Conference (NLCC), please see:
NLCC 2010:

NLCC 2009:




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The NLCC has continued to grow and
evolve over the years as more higher
education institutions identify themselves
as urban and metropolitan.


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